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Message from School Head Boy

It was a great privilege to be selected as the head boy of Mar Baselios Public School for the academic year 2016-17.

Being a headboy of Mar Baselios Public School was an opportunity to hold right the glorious flag of our school. It is said, "Great leaders set example in front of others and inspire them". I could proudly look upon the great examples set by my predecessors which made my task much easier.

With the spirit of teamwork I believe that I enhance the discipline and pride of my school iwht the whole hearted support of the student council.

To be a member of the student council was not just a reward for my achievements but it was a chance to constantly interact with the community as a whole from mentoring the younger students to serving as ambassador of the school to parents and visitors. I believe it is always hardwork that gives your results; talents and interests are just stairs that take you towards the start of your journey of success.

I once again thank all my teachers and fellow students who have made my path to be a leader so smooth.

Stephin Mathew Roy

Message from School Head Girl

When I was Head girl of Mar Baselios Public School for the year 2016-17, part of me was afraid to see what the future held whle the other part of me was excited for the possibilities the opportunity brought. Being Head Girl required me to be responsible, disciplined and to always have the Mar Baselian culture that was instilled in me.

From arranging chairs for events to escorting the District collector, I have vastly improved my organizational and leadership skills. I learnt about the backstage effort put in by the teachers and the non-teaching staff to make every event perfect and special. I am indeed glad that I could be a part of it all. My success as a Head Girl is attributed to all the teachers, office members and classmates who were with me for the last 12 years. It is their unconditional love and support that made me shoulders my responsibilities in the best way possible.

Being the Head girl made me realize that out of responsibility comes possibility. It made me bring out the best in me and I am forever indebted to the institution that gave me this golden opportunity. And most importantly, I thank Lord Almighty for making me a part of the Baselian family.

Head Girl




Student Council Members ( Junior School) 




House Leaders (Captains &Vice Captains) 


Senior School


Head Boy                          -              Sarath Mathew Jacob(XI Humanities)

Head Girl                          -              Maria Elizabeth George(XI Sci)

Junior School


Head Boy                          -Saju B Theruvan        (V)

Head Girl                          -Nandana Susan George (V)



Captain                              :               Mathew Varkey(XI Sci)

Vice Captain                   :              Joseph Roji(X A)



Emerald House             :              Nithin Thomas(XI Humanities)

Ruby House                    :              Navya Suzanne Kurian(XI Sci)

Topaz House                  :              Gowri S(XI Sci)

Saphire House              :              Mathen James Kottarathil(XI Hum)


Vice Captains:

Emerald House             :               Unnathi Elizabeth Thomas (X C)

Ruby House                    :               Ishita Elyza Jogi

Topaz House                  :               Aksa Marian Abraham(X A)

Saphire House              :               Elizabeth Jacob(X A)


School Magazine

Student Editors           :               Liann Bino Alex (XI Comm)

Joanna Jacob(XI Comm)



Seniors (Std IX)

·         Anna Shibu

·         Edwin K Jayesh

·         Pavan Pradeep

·         Sreya Sara Kurian

·         Sanjeev Sunil

Juniors (Std V)

·         Abhuyuday Bimal

·         Ayaan K R

·         Akshita Mariam Alex

·         Shruti Jacob

·         Shweta Annie Thejan









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