EuroKids Mar Baselios

EuroKids Mar BaseliosMar Baselios Public School, Kottayam

A Preschool Specialist
Having over a decade of expertise in the field of Education, we can proudly say, we are skilled & experienced at handling tiny-tots.

EuroKids Mar Baselios has two sections:-

Play Group -2 to 3 years (Juniors)
Nursery -3 to 4 years (Seniors)

The first five years of a child’s life are the formative years when a child’s skill development happens at a rapid pace.

Owing to our “Child’s First“ ideology, everything at EuroKids revolves around young learners, right from the research-based curriculum to the many scientifically proven,age-appropriate learning activities. Through early childhood programs, children gain long-lasting academic,social and life skills that benefit them throughout their lives.
90% of a child’s brain development happens from birth to age 5 (by Harvard University). So this Foundational Age of a child needs the right stimulus for the holistic growth.

EuroKids Mar Baselios nurtures young minds and hearts to be creative and independent and have been in Kottayam town since 2006.
EurKids Mar Baselios is a franchise of a chain of Preschools.EuroKids Mar Baselios catered to 760+ students who graduated from this Centre in these 18years.

Choose the Best Preschool in Town for your child. We are there for you and your child.