Manager’s Message

Manager’s MessageMar Baselios Public School, Kottayam

“Prayers, Dreams and Seeds are similar. All have nothing within; but have the potential of creating everything”.
Dear Parents, Students and well wishers of Mar Baselios Public School,
With a deep sense of gratitude to Almighty God, Parents and Well wishers, Mar Baselios Public School is marching ahead to the Silver Jubilee year of its inception. This temple of learning under aegis of Malankara Orthodox Church has always been a beacon of light to kindle and enlighten young minds; the true meaning of learning and knowledge. The motto of the School is, “You are the light of the world” (St.Matthew 5:14)
Mar Baselios Public School is a co-educational institution, affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi. A holistic assessment of the child in both scholastic and non-scholastic area is carried on throughout the year. With sound emphasis on academic excellence, we give a great deal of importance to the development of character, self esteem, soft skills, manners, etiquettes, communication skill in mother tongue and English, skill in Information Technology , Artificial Intelligence and of course physical fitness. We do everything possible to make learning a pleasant and promising experience.
We neither had nor believe in the system of ‘pomp and show’ that accelerates unwarranted practices in education, rather we believe in simplicity and faithfulness; that rewards. We always stood and will stand for availability and affordability of education to the common man of the society.
Therefore, be with us to sow the seeds of wisdom and reap the fruits of real wisdom.
With Best Wishes and Prayers from Mar Baselios Family

Baselios Marthoma Mathews III
Mar Baselios Public School